Sightings: 9/27/19

Sightings from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Kitty Kat


On our first trip of the day we found two humpbacks feeding in 100 feet of water. These whales were just outside the shipping lane. 

The first whale we spotted we identified as Gator, one of the frequently sighted whales in this area. We got a good look at Gator’s fluke and dorsal fin. 

We then approached the other whale, which was feeding and moving offshore. There were birds hovering over the whale and a few porpoises in the area, with lots of anchovies on the fish finder. 

We spent about 45 minutes with these animals before heading back underneath the Golden Gate. 


On our next trip we went along the south side of the Golden Gate Strait before heading towards the shipping lane. We had not gone far outside the strait when we spotted a spout. The humpback whale was feeding, and we saw some fluke dives from the animal as well as one roll feed. 

Multiple ships passed by us over the course of the trip, so we gave the whale lots of space to maneuver near them. 


We were in 70 feet of water with tons of anchovies. The whale slowly moved west over the course of the trip.