Sightings: 7/13/19

Sightings from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Kitty Kat


On our first trip we found two humpback whales west of the shipping lane. They were traveling and moved a good distance over the amount of time that we watched them.

We spotted several ships nearby. The whales were in 78 feet of water.

We watched the whale for about 20 minutes before returning to port. Birds and anchovies were present in the area as well, including a large group of sooty shearwaters.


On our second trip we had not yet reached buoys 7/8 when I spotted a spout to the north of the shipping lane. We went that way and found two humpbacks in the area. They were much closer to shore than where we had been finding them in the past week or so.

We didn’t see any fluke dives, likely because the whales were in only 53 feet of water.


There were lots of other boats within sight of us, including fishing vessels, the pilot boat, and large ships. We also saw a lot of bird and porpoise activity in the area.


We stayed with these whales for about 45 minutes.