Sightings: 7/5/19

Sightings from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Kitty Kat


On our first trip of the day, we found two humpbacks feeding southwest of the shipping lane.

The whales were in 122 feet of water with bait on the fish finder. They traveled over a mile in the time that we were observing them. We saw one tail slap from the animals as well.


There was also a resting sea lion nearby.



On our next trip we found more humpback whales in roughly the same spot. They were still feeding in 129 feet of water.

These whales were quite active. We were able to spot some lunge feeding, breaching, and even pectoral fin slapping.

There were birds hovering over the whales and anchovies on the fish finder.

We saw a few fluke dives from these animals. Two of the whales were diving in synchrony.

We spent about 40 minutes with these animals.