Sightings Report: June 19, 2019

Sightings from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Kitty Kat


On our first trip of the day we headed north, then west. We found several humpbacks north of the shipping lane feeding in 105 feet of water.

We saw some lunge feeding from these animals as well as a couple of flukes.

For the most part they stayed farther than 100 yards from our boat. There were stacks of krill on the fish finder and birds on the surface of the water.

We stayed with the whales for about half an hour. As we started to slowly move away, a whale lunge fed within 100 yards of our boat.

The birds were hovering over and snatching up the whale’s leftovers.


We stayed with this whale for about ten minutes while it headed down our port side. When it was out of the 100 yard range, we slowly left the area.


On our next trip we found two humpbacks slightly northwest of our location for the previous trip. They were feeding in 98 feet of water.

We saw lunge feeds from these animals, but few fluke dives in the half hour or so we spent with them. There was a lot of bird activity around the whales.


The farther whale breached as we started to make our way home.