Sightings Report: August 4, 2018

Sighting from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Kitty Kat

On this trip we attempted the Farallon Islands faced with some daunting wind conditions. We made our way north under the protection of Bolinas. Near Stinson Beach we spotted a few bottlenose dolphins hunting close to shore.

We then turned to the west. When we passed Bolinas the conditions deteriorated severely. We expected them to become even worse if we continued west past the protection of Point Reyes.

We decided to turn around and look for whales closer to shore. We searched near Stinson Beach, where I had seen a spout earlier, but couldn’t relocate it. We continued back along the coast to the Golden Gate Strait before turning west again and searching in the shipping lane. There was a lot of fish activity, but no whale.

When we turned back and made our way again through the Golden Gate Strait, the captain spotted the whale close to the Cliff House.

The whale wasn’t showing any flukes, but we got a good view of its back despite the wind waves.

The whale made its way in towards Baker Beach before we headed back to port.