Sightings Report: September 12, 2018

All sightings from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Kitty Kat


On our first trip of the day we headed north towards Muir Beach. We found a single humpback on the bar feeding in 37 feet of water.

The humpback was on the move and proved difficult to locate, especially as the wind started to pick up.


It was not showing its fluke. It seemed to be heading for Point Bonita.



On our next trip we found the humpback whale near Bonita Cove in the Golden Gate Strait. This was the first time we had seen a whale in the strait in several months. Since we did not get a good look at the flukes of the whale on the earlier trip, we aren’t sure if it was the same whale.

The humpback was feeding and fluking. As the tide rushed in, the whale moved with it.

It swam all the way from Bonita Cove to Angel Island over the course of our trip - almost four miles.


The whale was still in the bay when we returned, although it had moved back towards Cavallo Point. We followed the whale as it moved all the way out to Point Bonita and into the choppy waters of the Pacific. It spent a lot of time close to the rocks on the west side of Point Diablo.

There was also some harbor porpoise activity as they surfed in the swell.