Sightings Report: July 25, 2018

Sighting from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Happy Days


On our first trip of the day we made our way out through the shipping lane where we'd last spotted the whales. We had a mixed swell from the northwest and the south, which made conditions a bit more challenging than usual. 

Nonetheless we found two humpbacks near the Pilot Vessel outside the shipping lane. 


After we watched them for a while, we started to head home. Passengers spotted two more humpbacks on the south side of the shipping lane on the ride back.


We returned to the spot on the next trip. It was a little bit rougher, with the mixed swell still creating weird conditions. 

We found three humpbacks feeding together 9 miles offshore on the south side of the shipping lane. We saw flukes from all the individuals.

All photos on this trip taken by SFWT photographer Joey Mueleman. Find more of his photos here