Sightings Report: July 21, 2018

Sighting from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Kitty Kat


On this trip we went 13 miles offshore, past the last shipping lane buoys. There we found two pairs of humpbacks feeding. 

We saw several lunge feeds from these whales, as well as some fluke dives. 

There was one whale breaching in the distance. Another 7-8 miles from us there were tons of spouts, many of them very large. 


There was lots of bird and porpoise activity in this area. 

The water was very flat and calm. A container ship passed by in the distance. 



On our next trip the water was even calmer than the previous trip. We went straight west through the shipping lane and found one of the pairs that we had seen on the previous trip. They had moved south while we were away. 

There were a few fluke dives from these animals. We saw more spouts farther away. 

We also spotted California sea lions resting on the shipping lane buoys and common murres with chicks in the water.