Sightings Report: July 8, 2018

All sightings from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Kitty Kat

On this trip we attempted the Farallon Islands despite a bad weather forecast. It was very windy, although warm and sunny. 

On our way out of the Golden Gate Strait, we turned into Bonita Cove to check out the harbor seals resting on the rocks. A humpback surfaced nearby. 

The humpback moved towards Point Bonita, showing no flukes. It was in 36 feet of water. 

We eventually headed north out of the strait, spotting another humpback fluking outside Point Bonita. We continued north before turning west near Muir Beach.

We made it 8 miles out before finding another humpback. This one was active. It breached several times, slapped its pectoral fins on the water, and did several fluke dives. 

The whale was moving north. The heavy wind made it difficult to track the spout. 

The water was rough and we were not even a third of the way to the islands, so we began a slow journey south. We picked up and examined some bull kelp and saw some porpoises as we headed back towards the shipping lane. We also spotted some common murres with chicks.


On the shipping lane buoys, we spotted several California sea lions. Near the lane a passenger spotted a huge group of birds with another humpback spouting nearby.