Sightings Report: July 10, 2018

All sightings from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Happy Days


On our first trip of the day we found a humpback whale just outside the Golden Gate Bridge. 

We saw several fluke dives from this whale as the tide pushed both of us in towards the bridge. 

We spotted another whale with an all-white fluke 500 yards west of where we were watching the first whale. We stayed with the first whale as it traveled under the bridge and over to Crissy Field.

There were tons of harbor seals and a lot of bird activity in the strait and under the bridge. 



We returned to the spot where we'd left the whale on our first trip, but were unable to relocate it. We continued out through the strait and all the way into the Pacific. Once we'd past Mile Rock we turned north, and when we were aligned with Point Bonita we turned east again to come down the north side of the Golden Gate Strait. A passenger saw the humpback spout near Baker Beach. 

We approached the whale, but it appeared to be travelling. It was spouting twice, followed by a fluke dive. It would reappear after 7-8 minutes a good distance west of its last location. 

There was a lot of harbor porpoise activity on this trip.