Sightings Report: June 7, 2018

All sightings from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Happy Days


It was very windy as we headed out into the Golden Gate Strait. We started off heading for Bonita Cove, then turned "down the hill" and let the swell and wind push us as we searched for whales in the strait. We spotted 3-4 humpbacks near Baker Beach. 

The whales were separated into two pairs, each surfacing together.

There was a big group of birds to the east. We also spotted harbor porpoises, California sea lions, and harbor seals. 



The wind died a little before we headed out on our last tour of the day. We spotted a humpback by Crissy field. 

A huge group of birds surrounded the whale, with a tight knot of gulls directly above it. At one point a large container ship passed close to the whale.

The whale moved around the area, exhibiting feeding behaviors. We saw one lunge feed near the end of our sighting. 

Lots of harbor seals were also seen in the area.