Sightings Report: June 5, 2018

All sightings from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Kitty Kat


On our first trip we headed out past the Golden Gate Bridge into the Golden Gate Strait. Near Mile Rock we spotted at least ten spouts. 

We slowly approached, stopping 200 yards away. The wind and swell slowly pushed us towards the whales and we saw a few flukes around 100 yards. 

One whale breached only 50 yards from the boat.


It then swam farther north and breached again. 

There was one group of at least five whales surfacing together, as well as several individuals in the same area. A large group of birds hovered in the area as well. 


Over the course of the trip the whales slowly moved east. We also spotted some California sea lions and harbor seals. 


The wind picked up significantly for the next trip. We found a single humpback in the middle of the Golden Gate Strait. 

The whale approached within 100 yards of our boat. Due to wind and swell, we lost sight of the whale before relocating near Point Bonita. 

As we watched the whale near Point Bonita we spotted a few more spouts to the east of us. The whales were surfacing in groups. 

We spotted a California sea lion with a striped bass, as well as many harbor seals.