Sightings Report: June 1, 2018

All sightings from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Kitty Kat


We faced a strong wind as we headed out on our afternoon trip. We found two spouts near the bridge, with two more out in the Golden Gate Strait. 


The two humpbacks inside the bay were moving towards Crissy Field. We watched them for a while as they fluked. 

We slowly decided to move west and found the other two whales on the northwest side of the strait. We saw one breach from one of these whales. 


Both pairs seemed to be moving west over the course of the trip.

We also spotted harbor seals, California sea lions, and harbor porpoises. First mate Jayke picked up a mylar balloon from the water. 


On our next trip we saw spouts about where we had left the whales on the previous trip. There were two humpbacks near Diablo Cove. They were slowly moving in towards the bridge. 

Two big container ships passed very close to the whales. We gave them a lot of space while the ships were in the channel so as to give the whales plenty of room to maneuver.

After one ship passed, we lost sight of the whale for a couple minutes before it popped up 10 yards from our boat. 

There was a lot of harbor porpoise activity on this trip, as well as sea lion and seal sightings. 

All whale sightings were reported to Vessel Traffic.