Sightings Report: May 18, 2018

All sightings from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Happy Days


It was windy, rough, cold and foggy on our first trip of the day. We went out to Mile Rock, where a big group of birds was diving. Conditions were not good. 

We crossed the strait over to Diablo Cove, where we saw the harbor seals resting on the rocks. We also monitored the strait, looking for spouts. 

We made our way out to Point Bonita, then turned around and headed back into the bridge. We saw porpoises, sea lions, and seals, but no whales on this trip. 


On our second trip we headed straight out to Point Bonita. The conditions in the strait had improved. 

We saw spouts by Mile Rock, then more spouts farther away. We went to the one that was closer in. 


The humpback whale was moving along the tide line. After a few minutes, another whale joined it. We saw a few flukes. 


One of the whales was a smaller individual who seemed to have a skin condition. 

The whales moved in over the course of the trip with the incoming tide. By the time we left them they were near Baker Beach. 



By our last trip the sun had come out and the seas were still relatively flat in the strait. We found whales just beyond the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. 


We located our first whale, then moved to the south side of the strait so that two container ships could pass by us. As we floated we noticed two more spouts near Diablo Cove. 

We approached Diablo Cove and took a look at the harbor seals.


The whales were heading east, the pair still surfacing and fluking together. Often they would float at the surface for a while before diving. 

We headed back into the bay while two more container ships passed by. 


As we made our way back to port, we saw the pair of whales just to the east of the South tower. There was also a lot of harbor porpoise activity on this trip.