Sightings Report: May 17, 2018

All sightings from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Kitty Kat


The weather was rough and windy as we headed out on our first trip. We were able to spot a spout just outside Mile Rock. 


We found the humpback diving, but not throwing flukes. It stayed close to the same spot the whole time. 


Near the end of the trip, more whales joined up with the single individual, making a total of about 4 humpbacks in the area. 

A juvenile brown pelican came very close to our boat.

We saw a California sea lion with a fish, as well as some harbor seals. 


On our second trip we found the whale near Point Bonita. Lots of inbound container ships passed by us. 

There was a strong tide and heavy wind, making it really choppy in the area where the whale was. It was not throwing flukes.