Sightings Report: May 16, 2018

All sightings from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Kitty Kat


We found two familiar whales lunge feeding together just past Mile Rock. 

They were feeding in 60 feet of water with lots of anchovies at the surface. 

The two whales started off farther apart from each other, but moved closer together over the course of the trip. 

We also noticed a lot of harbor porpoise activity. The water was perfectly calm and still. 



We went to the same spot as the previous trip, but didn't see any spouts. We continued west all the way out to the Pilot station, noting the California sea lions on the shipping lane buoys. The water was still very calm and flat. 

We saw lots of porpoise activity, but had yet to locate a whale. We started back towards Mile Rock and floated there for a while, searching for the spouts. We started to head north when we heard passengers reporting a spout. 

We found one humpback, the same individual who we had seen on the previous trip. The whale was lunge feeding near the shipping lane. 

We saw a lot of bird activity in this area, as well shipping traffic. We were also alerted that a whale had been hit by a container ship that morning near Oakland.