Sightings Report: November 18, 2017

All sightings from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Happy Days

We started off our trip towards the Farallon Islands with beautiful weather. As we passed north of the shipping lane, we found three humpback whales feeding, and two more spouts in the distance. The group of three was split up into one pair and one solo humpback. The pair surfaced in synchrony the entire time we were there. 

Humpbacks with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Humpbacks with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

We continued on towards the islands, slowing at one point to look at hundreds of bright orange Pacific sea nettles drifting in the waters beneath us. 

As we approached the islands, I noticed something bright red near Sugarloaf. I started taking pictures and captured a few splashes. Birds started to swarm to the area. 

As we approached, I was able to confirm that we were approaching a large slick of blood, likely caused by a Great White shark attacking a sea lion. The frenzied birds dove into the water, some surfacing with pieces of meat. Sea lions were barking loudly and swimming in groups close to the rocks in Fisherman's Bay. We likely had missed the attack by just a few minutes. 

If you look closely where the splash is, you'll notice a fin!

If you look closely where the splash is, you'll notice a fin!

We continued around the islands towards Saddle rock, noting a large number of common murres perched on the cliffs. Water visibility was excellent, and we could see the bottom in many spots. 

In Mirounga Bay near the Jordan we spotted a couple of Elephant seals and some Northern Fur seals on the rocks. There was a large group of sea lions in the water. 

Since we had such excellent weather, we decided to head out towards the continental shelf. We had been heading west for just a few minutes when we spotted 2 humpbacks breaching over and over again. 

We approached slowly and were treated to one breach about 300 yards from our boat. 

When they were done breaching, the whales started slapping their pectoral fins, sometimes rolling over as they did so. We watched three humpbacks diving and slapping for several minutes. 

We noticed some huge spouts in the distance and thought that we might have some blue whales. We headed towards them and sure enough, we spotted 3 blues. Two of them were a pair surfacing together. There was one more large spout in the distance. 

We were far from home, so we had to turn around and start our journey back towards the pier. On our way back in we noticed a few king salmon leap out of the water, as well as some moon jellies and harbor porpoises.