Sightings Report: October 2, 2017

All sightings from San Francisco Whale Tours vessel Happy Days

The beginning of October marked a switch to a single 5 hour trip every day. This gave us lots of time to find and enjoy the whales. 

We found humpbacks in the same place we'd been seeing them all week. It was 12-13 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge, close to the pilot boat at the end of the shipping lane. Three whales surfaced near the pilot boat, who alerted us to their presence. 

We saw many fluke dives from these whales, who were being trailed by dozens of common murres and brown pelicans. 

We were able to float with these whales for about 45 minutes. Then we slowly made our way southeast. We hadn't reached the shipping lane yet when we found two more humpbacks spouting together - potentially a mother and calf. 

We ducked into Diablo Cove to enjoy at least a dozen harbor seals and picked up a balloon floating nearby.

Inside the bay we spotted harbor seals, California sea lions, and harbor porpoises. 

Black oystercatcher (right) and a juvenile cormorant.

Black oystercatcher (right) and a juvenile cormorant.

Sightings near the shipping lane were reported to Vessel Traffic. 

If you were on one of these trips and have photos, send them in to! I'd love to add them to this post for others to enjoy (with credit to you). Thank you!