General Facts

NOAA: Humpback Whale Information

Humpback Songs

The song of the Humpback whale in the West Indies

Cultural revolution in whale songs

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Whale communication and culture

Humpback Migration

Evidence for a sex segregated migration in the Humpback whale

Interchange and isolation of northern Humpback whales off California and other North Pacific feeding grounds

Movements and population structure of Humpback whales in the North Pacific

Movements of Humpback Whales between California and Costa Rica

Humpback physiology

Hydrodynamic design of humpback whale pectoral flipper

Sighting history of a naturally marked Humpback whale suggests ear plug growth layers are deposited annually

The breeding cycle of the female Humpback whale

Counter-current vascular heat exchange in the fins of whales

 Blue Whales

Blue whale habitat and prey in California Channel Islands

Lifetime profile of testosterone in a Blue whale using its waxy earplug

Selective pressurized liquid extraction of pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers in a whale earplug (earwax): A novel method for analyzing organic contaminants in lipid-rich matrices (See also: LiveScience article about this study)

Killer Whales

A review of killer whale interactions with other marine mammals: predation to co-existence

Cultural transmission within maternal lineages: vocal clans in resident killer whales in Southern Alaska

Neuroanatomy of the killer whale from Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Corpus Callosum size in delphinid cetaceans

Bottlenose Dolphins

The bottlenose dolphin community at Doubtful Sound features a large proportion of long-lasting associations

Mirror self-recognition in the bottlenose dolphin: A case of cognitive convergence

Two levels of alliance formation among male bottlenose dolphins

Cultural transmission of tool use in bottlenose dolphins

Why do dolphins carry sponges?

The transition to independence: sex differences in social and behavioural development of wild bottlenose dolphins

The ecological costs to females in a system with allied sexual coercion

When mum’s away: a study of mother and calf ego networks during separations in wild bottlenose dolphins

Home range overlap, matrilineal and biparental kinship drive female associations in bottlenose dolphins

The anatomy of the brain of a bottlenose dolphin

Asymmetry and Symmetry in Brain Waves from Dolphin Left and Right Hemispheres: Some Observations after Anesthesia, during Quiescent Hanging Behavior, and during Visual Obstruction

Dolphins documented striking "banana pose" with sponges for hats to attract mates

Dusky Dolphins

Unravelling the function of dolphin leaps using the Dusky dolphin as a model species

Comprehensive Reviews

These papers talk about many different species or use many sources to look at very broad topics.

Diving beneath the surface: long term studies of dolphins and whales

Cetacean Innovation

Culture, Diffusion, and Networks in Social Animals

Social Network Analysis: Applications to Primate and Cetacean Societies

Tool use in aquatic animals

Cetacean sleep: An unusual form of mammalian sleep


Widely used marine seismic survey air gun operations negatively impact zooplankton

Melting Sea Ice: A Canary in the Coal Mine

A key to quieter seas: half of ship noise comes from 15% of the fleet

What to do when you see a whale

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NOAA guidelines for safely interacting with marine mammals

Use Whale Alert to report whale sightings and reduce ship strikes